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Green gift guide for plant lovers

Urban Jungle Bloggers Green Gift Guide 2018 #urbanjunglebloggers #giftguide

Believe it or not – it is roughly four weeks to Christmas (for those celebrating) and we have to admit we like the festive season! A mug of mulled wine, spicy ginger bread, and friends and family gathering. And if you have plant loving people among your family and friends, it is such a pleasure to hunt for green gifts. Just to be clear:  Don’t forget to spoil yourself too, plant friend! After all we all deserve a little green treat every now and then. Like last year we compiled a Green Gift Guide for you that is totally Urban Jungle Bloggers approved! Cool new plant pots, a stylish watering can, botanical bedlinen or even ‘planty’ chocolate – we have a few ideas if you are on the hunt for some green presents.

Of course we just had to include the Urban Jungle Book  in the gift guide too – after all we believe it is a fantastic addition to any plant loving home. And it’s available in ten languages now (English, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Korean and Chinese), There is no excuse to not start your green gift hunt! Here is a fantastic list of 20 green gifts for plant lovers at your service! Happy gift shopping!

 Water resistant paper pot covers by Papier Tigre
 Stromanthe sanguinea ‘Triostar’ keychain by Hemleva
 Hanging planter HALO (100% emission-free!) by Wildernis Amsterdam
 Our Urban Jungle Book, available in English – Deutsch – Français – Nederlands – Český – Russian – Swedish – Norwegian – Korean – Chinese
 Deep milk chocolate bar by Compartes x Beverly Hills Hotel
Fig tree scented candle by Diptyque
 Palm Beach eco-friendly water bottle by Swell
 Sandstone Plant Pots by Angus and Celeste
 Indoor table top Grow House Trystan by
10  Natural linen Leaf play mat by Omoloko on Etsy
11  Barbican Conservatory print by Jacqueline Colley 
12  Copper watering can by Haws
13  TriPot set of 3 artisanal terracotta pots by Livingthings
14  Plant Stand Tondo by Bujnie
15  Rattlesnake Calathea in Dolores planter by The Sill
16  Hanging planters duvet cover set by Urban Outfitters
17  Leaflike decorative metal leaves by Lucie Kaas
18 — Deluxe Sprout Gift Set by Sprout
19  Handmade Sansevieria rug by GUR
20  Glowing Roots shelves with light by Spruitje