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Urban Jungle Bloggers - Cool Plant Pots #urbanjunglebloggers

We love plants and styling with plants. One key factor in plant styling is the choice of a plant pot. It is essential to think of the plant-pot combination from a practical as well as visual point of view. The practical side thinks of factors such as material and drainage hole and the need of the plant. The visual point is more about the harmony of plant and pot. Which plant pot accentuates the beauty of a plant, which design matches your interior style, what kind of styling vignette do you want to create? We know there is a sheer boundless number of plant pots available. To help you make a good choice, we have shortlisted some of our favorite plant pots.

Whether you love terracotta, or prefer something more boho, creative, or quirky, we gathered some of the coolest plant pots on the market, that make excellent containers for your green friends. Tell us, which one is on your wishlist?

1 – Jelly Planter by Angus & Celeste
2 – Claypots by Khash
3 – Footed planter by Hey Camel Ceramics
4 – Palua concrete plant pot by Houseraccoon
5 – TriPot by Living Things
6 – Extra large short Tripot pot by Atelier Stella Ceramics
7 – Fiora flower pot by Kahler
8 – XX hanging planter by Convivial Production
9 – White Lion pot by Garden Glory
10 – Monarch Fern plant pot by Angus & Celeste
11 – Dotted pot by Monki
12 – Brown boob planter by Plus o Plus
13 – White cloud planters by Plus o Plus
14 – GRO self watering plant pot by Lucie Kaas
15 – Sandstone & Artisanal Ball plant pots by Angus & Celeste
16 – Monkey Face pot by Garden Glory
17 – Voltasol the rolling pot by Living Things
18 – Lips planter by Dirty Spindle

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Cool Plant Pots #urbanjunglebloggers
Sandstone & Artisanal Ball plant pots by Angus & Celeste