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Create your Green Oasis with #IKEAatmine

Join us in March and show your Green Oasis on Instagram, by using your favorite plants and IKEA products. Every week we will share our favorite on our Instagram account!

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine

A beautiful home is more than the sum of its parts. It is a personal place defined by the people and things we love, it is defined by our life and it defines our life. A real personal home is also a visual identity of its dwellers – it reflects the owner’s personality and character. Today we not only seek comfort, design, and uniqueness in our homes, we also long for a connection to nature. Through houseplants we invite nature into our homes and we blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. And by doing so we not only create a warm and beautiful home, but we also enhance the quality of life by making our home a better and healthier place.

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine Incorporating plants into interiors is truly a simple task. In our Urban Jungle book we have showed five incredibly creative, lived-in, and unique homes where green oases are scattered throughout the rooms. The secret is in choosing the plants that fit your lifestyle and starting your urban jungle on a small scale. Just like your home, let it grow with you and become more personal and more thriving over time.

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At MineIn March we want to encourage you to share your green oases with us. We have teamed up with IKEA UK and the interiors community at{mine} for their monthly #IKEAatmine campaign on Instagram and our chosen topic was pretty obvious: Green oasis. In order to give you an idea, we as Urban Jungle Bloggers founders have created our own little green oases featuring some of our favorite houseplants and IKEA pieces that we have at home. Igor showcases his favorite bedroom corner with a lush mix of tropical plants and succulents while Judith features a corner of her living room with one of Ikea’s latest pieces, the IKEA PS 2017 self-watering plant stand. bonus veren siteler

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine


We invite you to share your green oases on Instagram by using the hashtag #IKEAatmine and showing anything plant and IKEA related in your pictures in March. But that is not all! Every week we will feature our favorite picture on our Urban Jungle Bloggers Instagram account and more favorites in the Insta Stories. Let us all make Instagram even greener in March!3.00938566552901

Urban Jungle Bloggers x IKEA UK x At Mine

This blog post has been created in collaboration with Ikea UK and at{mine}. As always all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog!

Photography by Urban Jungle Bloggers