January 2015: Plants & Coffee (or tea)

Urban Jungle Bloggers plants and coffee

Before you go through all the wonderful Urban Jungle Bloggers posts of the January 2015 edition, we recommend you brew a cup of coffee or prepare a cup of tea and enjoy a green visual feast throughout the world.

For the first Urban Jungle Bloggers post in 2015 we chose a wonderful moment of the day: the moment when you sit down to unwind from the craziness of daily life with a cup of coffee or tea. And of course accompanied by your beloved plants. Because there is nothing better to go with your coffee or tea than a plant – it purifies the air, gives you fresh oxygen and the lush sight of vivid green and thriving life.

Enjoy today’s virtual green coffee and tea breaks around the world! Oh and please do join in!



Urban Jungle Bloggers
Urban Jungle Bloggers