From Houseplant to Herb: A Greek Success Story

Yes we know, here on Urban Jungle Bloggers it is all about houseplants and our total devotion to green living. But sometimes we like to take a little extra turn and peek into other green spheres and get inspired by people and their stories. Today we are peeking to Greece – together with Freunde von Freunden we are looking at the success story of Athens based entrepreneur Evangelia Koutsovoulou and her herb and spices business, Daphne and Chloe.

Like so many young Greek people, Evangelia faced the challenges of the realities of her life in Athens. Sometimes creativity, courage, and entrepreneurship are the only solutions. This led to the founding of her herb business Daphne and Chloe. The very beginning of Evangelia’s journey into herbs and spices began organically, influenced by location and timing. Greece exudes a bounty of natural growing herbs infusing the air on the Greek countryside and on Greek islands. This given fact of her country and surroundings as well as her courage to follow her gut and taking the risk is an ever inspiring aspect of Evangelia’s story.

Evangelia’s decision to move to Athens and found a business in the wake of the financial crisis may have appeared risky, especially for someone who was already professionally established in Italy. But for Evangelia, once she had begun there was never any doubt in what she was doing. Athens was the best place to run a business that dealt with Greek culinary herbs and Evangelia’s passion, drive and success reflects the psyche of so many young Greek people who refuse to be defined by a crisis not of their making.

In the day-to-day running of Daphnis and Chloe, Evangelia deals with a range of harvesters in remote locations around Greece, a process requiring an intimate knowledge of the landscape, weather, farming and communities. Her determination to find the best growers and best herbs, as well as a strong contact base of friends and family, have helped her to seek out the highest quality herbs and harvesters around Greece. 

In a highly globalized and digitalized word, Evangelia invites us to rediscover the very essence of our beings. By embracing the local, the home grown, the organic, and by inhaling the aromas of the earth we start to appreciate what we have here and now. The bounty coming from  nature that surrounds us. And the simplicity of joy – also when it comes to cooking. Sometimes it is that last pinch of aromatic herbs that will make a dish just perfect. Kali oreksi!

Photography by Adrianna Glaviano for Freunde von Freunden


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