April 2015: Offer a Plant to a Friend!

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Offer a Plant to a Friend

A bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers – all these classical gift ideas are wonderful but they are not meant to last. So why not think of a long-lasting green gift idea for the next dinner invitation, an upcoming housewarming party or the following birthday bash? Offer a little plant that will symbolize your friendship and gratitude for a long time – and the receiver will remember you with a smile as the little green gift thrives and grows.

This month, Urban Jungle Bloggers from around the globe, share their creative ideas of a green gift! A plant for a friend’s housewarming for example, or for a birthday, a wedding, or simply a token of friendship. Let’s make April the month of giving back and offer a plant to a dear friend! Enjoy all the ideas by clicking on the images in the gallery below that lead to the corresponding blogposts. Or join in yourself: you can find all the info right here.




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