November 2015: #Plantshelfie

Urban Jungle Bloggers #plantshelfie
We all know a movie or series that we can watch over and over again. Timeless classics or guilty pleasures that keep inspiring us. And even though the Urban Jungle Bloggers history does not stretch back to many decades, we have seen a few topics that were incredibly popular and strongly appreciated by you all (and us!). One of these classics will see a revival in November: the #plantshelfie number two!

In October last year we felt super inspired by many cool plant shelfies. In the meantime our plants have grown, some of our homes got restyled, we have added new props (and plants!), we might even have new tastes and preferences. So here are some fresh new plant shelfies!

You can find more plant shelfies on Instagram: #urbanjunglebloggers and #plantshelfie



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